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Hello my name is Mark Giles and I am originally from London. I have been living in the Madrid area for 4 years and for the last 3 years I worked as an Auxiliar in a public school specialising in PET and KET. I look forward to using my experience in these areas at Laude Fontenebro and also looking forward to getting involved in some of the extracurricular activities available at the school.

I have a BSc in Marine Geography from Cardiff University and have worked previously in a school in New Zealand and a variety of different companies in London before moving to Madrid.

I have hugely enjoyed my time so far as an auxiliar, helping the children of my local community with their English and other activities. The bilingual education scheme is something I strongly believe in and am proud to be part of.



Shannel, Nico y Nicole, Teacher Assistants 2018/19

My name is Nicole Tauster and I'll be the language assistant for upper primary this year. I'm originally from Chicago, Illinois, USA but I've been living in Madrid for 3 years now! During that time I worked as a language assistant with students of all ages in a small school in El Pardo. I'm really excited to be able to continue in this role and get to meet and help so many more children with their English studies. And I'm thrilled to be doing it in such a wonderful environment, taking full advantage of Laude Fontenebro's impressive facilities!

Hello,  I am Shannel Julius, a Language Assistant at Laude Fontenebro, from Brooklyn, New York.  In 2015, I graduated from the University of Scranton with a Bachelor's degree In Hispanic studies and History. Since graduating, I’ve spent the last 3 years working in bilingual programs in the United States and Spain. It will be a pleasure to continue this role at Laude Fontenebro.  The curriculum and dedication present in this school is outstanding and will make this a successful and productive school year. I look forward to teaching and learning from the students!. 


Hello, my name is Nicolo Di Pasqua and I will be working at Fontenebro for a second year as a native English teaching assistant.  I had such a positive experience last year that I was eager to return and contiue my Fontenebro journey. Throughout the year, my role will be to supplement the work of our excellent English language teachers and to provide the students with constant language feedback and support. Most of my time will be spent in the infants with students aged 3-5, but I will also be present for some year 1 lessons, working with the students in small groups or individually. I aim to communicate with the students solely in English, which will drastically improve their listening and comprehension skills. I strongly believe in the benefits that bilingualism has on children, especially of a young age and I hope to spark interest towards future language learning. I look forward to another great year!



My name is Maria Hughes, I'm 23 years old. I´m performing arts and audiovisual Communication graduate. I´ve been working with children for many years teaching English and English Drama classes. I will be able to bring my experience to the classroom helping them with their Communication skills, and getting them more excited about using English. I am honoured to be joinning Laude Fontenebro School.


Hello, my name is Nicolo Di Pasqua and I will be working at Fontenebro as a native English teaching assistant.  Throughout the year, my role will be to supplement the work of our excellent English language teachers and to provide the students with constant language feedback and support. Most of my time will be spent in the infants with students aged 3-5, but i will also be present for some year 1 and 2 lessons. I aim to communicate with the students solely in English, which will drastically improve their listening and comprehension skills. I strongly believe in the benefits that bilingualism has on children, especially of a young age, and I hope to spark interest towards future language learning. I am looking forward to my time in Fontenebro and while I´m sure to face many challenges I am certain that the whole experience will be a great learning curve for me.


Hello, my name is Clare Croft and I will be working as a Classroom Language Assistant at Laude Fontenebro this year.  I will be working with all the students in the Primary school assisting with English lessons and in their Communications Skills class.

 I hope to expose the students to English in a fun and creative way. It will be a great opportunity for them to have a native speaker in the classroom and to be fully immersed with the target language.   My aim is to develop a natural interest and passion for learning languages in students from a young age and help to foster bilingualism in the school.  I will work with small groups of children and help to boost their confidence in lessons through practising pronunciation and their communication skills such as giving presentations and the speaking skills they need to work cooperatively  with their classmates. I am very excited about my year ahead at Fontenebro and I’m sure I will learn a lot from the pupils.


Hello my name is Jack Anthony Morton and I am returning this year to Laude Fontenebro as a Classroom Language Assistant . This year I am working with the whole of primary in the English and Drama lessons.  I will be working mainly in small groups to improve the fluency, pronunciation and accuracy of vocabulary of the children by allowing them to hear how native English is spoken and sentences are structured. I will also spend a large part of my time with years 5 and 6, with the aim to provide assistance in their speaking section of their KET and PET Cambridge exams. In Drama I will be working with encouraging the students to express themselves in English and become more comfortable using the language in a variety of situations, through fun activities. I very much look forward to starting again and I´m sure it´s going to be a great year!


Hello! We are Jack Morton and Rebecca Murphy, the new Teaching Assistants for 2015-16 in Primary Education. We have been really enjoying the opportunity to work with your children in their Drama, Social Science, Natural Science and English classes.
Jack is from Surrey, England and is a recent Politics and Economics graduate from the Universities of East Anglia and Southampton. He enjoys football and learning Spanish.
Rebecca graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2014 with a degree in Modern Languages (Spanish, French and Portuguese). She likes going to Zumba classes and playing the flute.
We would like to thank everyone here at Laude Fontenebro Senior School for making us feel extremely welcome. We are very excited for the year ahead!



Dylan Tescher Williamson, exchange student from United States, September 2016-January 2017

"The experience that I have had in España is by the far the best and most important one I have had so far in my life. From the food to the people I have not been disappointed not even once. In addition to the more cultural aspects, where I feel I was incredibly lucky to be placed in Moralzarzal. In addition to the town I really enjoyed Fontenebro school, and the friends I made there. Granted, it was very difficult to understand in the beginning, and it can be hard to make friends immediately, I came to love the school, and the friends I made there will be my friends for life. If I were to give advice to another exchange student, it would just be to keep a positive attitude and think of everything as an experience, rather than something that's good or bad, that way you are constantly learning. Exchange is the most beautiful, exciting and adventurous thing that has happened to me so far in my life, and if you are able to experience such a journey, you should be considered very lucky."

Scott Fisher, padre de Christian Fisher que cursó en Laude Fontenebro de Septiembre a Noviembre de 2016:
"Hi Regine, Just wanted to thank you very much for taking great care of my son Christian Fisher during his stay in Spain. Christian will be returning home this Wednesday and he has said how much he will miss his school and friends in Spain. Muchas gracias!!"





Hannia Naomi Acosta - Méjico 2017

Soy mexicana y tengo 13 años. Estudio en el Instituto Thomas Jefferson(ITJ) en primero de secundaria y estoy aquí porque mi escuela organizó un intercambio con algunos colegios Laude de España y uno de esos colegios fue Laude Fontenebro.

Mi experiencia ha sido muy buena ya que la familia con la que estoy me ha recibido de la mejor manera posible y me han tratado de una manera increíble!!. Comienza con un vuelo que duro 10 horas con 20 minutos de México a España y me gustó ya que iba con compañeros de mi escuela. Al llegar a el aeropuerto Sara y su familia me estaban esperando muy felices con un cartel de bienvenida y eso me hizo sentir muy bien y feliz, después de ahí nos fuimos a desayunar y cuando acabamos me llevaron a dar un paseo por un pueblo muy bonito aunque yo ya estaba un poco cansada ya que no había dormido durante 23 horas con 40 minutos. Después de descansar y adaptarme a el horario me llevaron a un lugar cada día y disfruté muchísimo.

El primer día de escuela los alumnos del Laude Fontenebro me recibieron de una manera super linda y me hicieron sentir muy bien.

En conclusión mi experiencia tanto en el Colegio Laude Fontenebro como en casa han sido maravillosas por que la gente me ha tratado muy bien y me siento feliz.

Todo en este colegio me ha gustado bastante, en especial el ambiente y los compañeros. Me han tratado muy bien y también me gustaron las clases, las instalaciones, el Colegio es muy bonito y luminoso.


 Ben Johnson, 2º Bachillerato, exchange student from United States, January 2015

"I am so grateful for my experience at Laude. My teachers were always incredibly understanding of my level of Spanish and eager to help me understand more. The students were extremely inclusive and never made me feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. Although I was here to learn Spanish, the younger kids absolutely loved speaking to me in English (which they do very well), asking about american culture, what things mean etc. and that was one of the things I enjoyed most about the school. The teachers more fluent in English helped with my Spanish immensely and I can't thank them enough. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience and owe endless gratitude to Laude Fontenebro."



 HI! My name is Maria FitzGibbon for this  my first year at Laude Fontenebro School as a Classroom Language Assistant.  I will be mainly working with our Infants English pronunciation and vocabulary by creating a space where they feel confident and encouraged to develop their knoledge as they reach their goals . Im very excited about this year and I'm sure it´s going to be a good one!!



Emily Lawrence from Oxfordshire, England - language assistant at Laude Fontenebro School talks about her experience during the first weeks at our school. 



Molly-May, Language assistant, Primary Education, January 2016:

"My name is Molly and I have just arrived from Cambridge, England. I am currently working in a few Primary Education classes helping the teachers. Everyone at the school has been so welcoming and friendly. As I am getting to know the students, I am realising that, they too, are very welcoming! They are all willing to learn and have asked me lots of interesting questions about England. They have also informed me of Spanish culture and have been trying to teach me some Spanish words. I am looking forward to working with everyone during my time here." 



 Hazel Daly, Language assistant, Junior School, January 2016: 

"My name is Hazel, I am Irish and I am the language assistant in Laude Fontenebro Junior School, a private bilingual school in the outskirts of Madrid. I have recently completed my Bachelors in Social Science and wasn’t quite sure what career path to take so moving to Spain for a year seemed like a wonderful opportunity. Thankfully I really love it here. The food, the people, the culture, I find it all really appealing. I am so grateful for the level of patience people have had with me, whether it is in restaurants or the other teachers in school, people have not allowed the language barrier to be a huge issue. I have even begun to pick up some Spanish. While my Spanish is almost non-existent, it is amazing the level of English the students have. My experience at the school has been truly positive. The children are so eager to learn, they all have made me feel so welcome. Everyone is so friendly; on the first day of school everyone greeted me with kisses, something which is not common in Ireland. I felt like part of the team straight away and I continue to feel this way. I am really thankful for the opportunity of living in such a welcoming place."




- "Laude Fontenebro es ahora mismo una de las piezas claves dentro de nuestra familia. Saber que nuestros pequeños, lo que más queremos, están aprendiendo y disfrutando cada día desde los valores, es lo que hace que confiemos y apoyemos su proyecto educativo. Cada día vemos la evolución en nuestros hijos, de manera individual y con sus compañeros de clase, nos encanta ver cómo, tan pequeños, ya forman una “piña”.

Solo tenemos palabras de agradecimiento para todo el personal, por el cariño con el que nos reciben cada día y el que le dedican a nuestros hijos, ayudándonos como padres en el reto de educarlos en y desde los valores".
MJ Rubial y Carlos
- " Cuando fuimos a las entrevistas con la Dirección del cole, nos dimos cuenta enseguida de que nuestra forma de pensar de cómo queríamos formar a nuestros hijos estaban en línea con el proyecto educativo del centro.

- " Los valores divulgados por el centro coinciden en gran medida con los nuestros. Hoy en día es importante que se resalte esta cuestión."

- " Para nosotros, es importante que se despierte en los niños interés por aprender y creemos que este centro hace todo lo posible por conseguir que los niños vayan contentos al  cole. Les gusta aprender cosas nuevas."

 -" El inglés, hoy en  día, nos guste o no, es algo que se ha convertido en obligatorio. Queríamos que los niños supieran inglés sin que les supusiera un esfuerzo a futuro. Además, el recibir formación en otros idiomas es muy positivo para su desarrollo intelectual. Les da apertura de mente para relacionarse, ganas de aprender y saber de otras culturas."

 -" Para nosotros, es importante que cumplan con el plan de estudios pero damos muchísima importancia también al cultivo de otro tipo de habilidades y disciplinas. Creemos que, tanto la música como el deporte, son esenciales para un buen desarrollo tanto emocional como intelectual."

-" Siempre nos ha llamado la atención el buen clima entre los profesores así como su entrega a los niños. Se preocupan realmente por ellos."

- " En cuanto al equipo directivo, son muy buenos profesionales y se preocupan por el día a día de los niños. Llama la atención el entusiasmo que tienen por  formar a los niños en todos los sentidos."

- " El tamaño del centro para nosotros también era importante. Al ser un cole pequeño, todo es más fácil en la relación de padres y niños con los profesores. Conocen perfectamente a nuestros hijos."

- " Lo más importante: Creemos que hemos encontrado, en este cole, un buen “aliado”. Hacemos muy buen equipo para conseguir nuestros propósito con nuestros hijos: hacerles buenas personas y buenos profesionales."

Isabel Mejía

 - "Ya queda menos para terminar la etapa de infantil.... Una etapa en la que mi hijo ha vivido, ha aprendido y sobre todo, ha disfrutado, rodeado de sus compañer@s y del gran equipo de profesores que forma éste gran colegio. Un colegio que se centra en estimular y desarrollar los valores, habilidades y talentos de cada niño. Su metodología enseñanza/aprendizaje es muy adecuada y le dan una gran importancia a los idiomas. También se respira un bienestar de compañerismo entre los profesores, y el trato que los padres recibimos, es de confianza y muy familiar. En definitiva, mi hijo con 5 años, se siente valorado, confiado y a su cole Laude va....FELÍZ!!!" 


   - "Después de ver varios colegios, fuimos a visitar  Laude Fontenebro School y tuvimos muy claro que queríamos este colegio para nuestros hijos, ellos están encantados y vienen muy contentos, tiene un gran equipo de profesionales que hacen un trabajo excelente con los niños, brindándoles amor y apoyo junto con una buena calidad de educación. Nos gusta mucho que a los padres nos hagan partícipe de muchas de las actividades junto a nuestros hijos. Buen trabajo!!

 Rebeca Gamero

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